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Last Updated: May 29, 2017 01:46PM CDT

Membership Management begins with the Accounts object which is used to track Accounts such as organizations, foundations and companies that your Synagogue is affiliated with; or Households which represent a grouping of Contacts, generally characterized by belonging to the same family or physical home.

In most cases, you will be using Household Accounts to manage your members. 

When viewing a Household Account, the record page details information related directly to the Account such as Addresses, Membership Information, and Anniversary. Further along the page are Related Lists which record information on other objects such as Contacts, Seasonal Addresses, Invoices etc. All of these records relate to the Account you are viewing, and are linked via the related record.

Please watch the video below for an overview on creating a Household Account.

Creating a new Household Account:

1. Search for the Account (and Contacts) to ensure no duplicates are being entered.
2. Click on the Accounts tab.
3. Click New.
4. There are two different Record Types options (Organization & Household). Choose the Household Record Type and click Continue.


5. Enter the family last name, or the naming you chose to use.

When the record is saved, the word "Household" will be appended to the Account Name. You can use a Workflow Rule to override the default naming convention.

If there is only one adult/parent in this Household, check off the Single Parent? field in order to ensure that when the child Contacts are created, they are not entered as the Contact 2. Learn more here.

Enter the data for any other required fields and other information you have about the Household.

Optionally enter a Wedding Date. The Hebrew Wedding Date will automatically calculate and populate when the record is saved. Learn more here.


6. Click Save.
7. The next step is to create Contacts for the Household. A Contact represents a single person that is part of an Account or Household. Navigate to the Contacts Related List and click New.

8. Select the Household Contact Record Type and click Continue.
9. Enter the Contact First Name and Last Name along with any other required information or data that you have.

The system will automatically set the Account Contact 1 and Contact 2 based on your organization's configurations. Learn more here.

Once the Contact 1 and Contact 2 are determined, the Email; Alternate Email; and Household Greetings will auto-populate.
If you change the order of the Contacts, the automatic greetings will change. Learn more here.

If you enter a Date of Birth, the system will automatically calculate and populate the Hebrew Date of Birth when the record is saved.

If you enter a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Date, the corresponding Torah Portion and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Hebrew Date will automatically calculate and populate when the record is saved. Please note that this update can take several minutes to run.

10. Click Save.
11. Repeat steps 7-10 for each Contact you would like to create.


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