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Last Updated: Oct 29, 2018 01:31PM CDT
A Contact represents an individual that is part of an Account or Household. Many contacts can be associated with a Household, but only a Contact 1 and a Contact 2 are displayed on the Household record. These are considered the primary and secondary Contacts. The full list of associated Contacts can be seen in the Contacts related list for the Household. The Account Email field is set by the Primary Email of the Contact 1. The Account Alternate Email is populated by the Primary Email of the Contact 2. Should a Contact be removed as one of these Contacts, or the order of Contacts is changed; the Account emails fields will update accordingly. Phone*, Fax and Website on the Household record are to be populated separately than the Contact records. The Contact 1 and Contact 2 selection also determines the values of the Household Greetings.

In order for the system to automatically place the Contact 1 and the Contact 2, the Auto-Assign Contact setting must be enabled in the Admin Tab. Once that setting is enabled, there are 2 options to determine the Contact 1 and Contact 2 placements in the Household:


1. Order of creation: This is the default setting. The first Contact created in a Household will be entered as the Contact 1, and the second Contact will be placed as the Contact 2.
If there is only one adult/parent in the Household, use the Single Parent? checkbox to indicate this.
When this field is checked, the first Contact created for the Account will automatically be assigned as its Contact 1, but no automatic assignment will take place for the Contact 2 field. This ensures that no child or alternate Contact is entered as the Contact 2.
If an incorrect Contact is entered as the Contact 2
, you can edit the Account and remove the Contact 2 value to ensure that the Contact is not included in the Household Greetings and Email fields.

2. Contact Type: This setting uses the Contact Type field on the Contact record. Selecting Principal will set the Contact as the Contact 1, and selecting Spouse will set the Contact as the Contact 2. Only these 2 values can be used to determine the contact placements. Contacts with any other type (or no type), will not be set as the Contact 1 or Contact 2. When a Contact is marked as deceased, the Contact Type will update to Deceased.
The system will only allow you to set one Contact per Household as the Principal or Spouse.
When a Contact is changed from Principal to another value, it will be removed as the Contact 1.
When the Contact 1 is marked as deceased, the Contact Type will default to Deceased. If there is a Contact 2, they will be moved to the Contact 1 field.
Please note: Once this option is enabled, editing Contacts or Accounts that do not have the Contact Type enabled will remove the Contact 1 and Contact 2 value from the Household and leave the fields blank.
We suggest marking the Contact Type field as required in order to ensure data quality and accuracy.
To apply this placement option, navigate to the Admin Tab, and enable Use Contact Type.

*Process Builder can be used to keep the Account Phone value in sync with the Contacts (in either direction).

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