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Last Updated: May 28, 2017 05:44PM CDT

The Household Greeting fields are designed to be used in mailings, and offer various addressee options that can be used for different communication types. By default, the system will generate the greetings for each Account. You can opt to uncheck the “Auto Greeting Naming” field on a specific record in order to override the default greetings and enter your own custom greetings.

The greeting terms for the Contact 1 are always placed first in the Household Greetings. Adjust the order of the Contact 1 and Contact 2 on the Household Record in order to reorder the names in the greetings. As well, you can uncheck the “Auto Greeting Naming” field as described above.


Field Label


Formal Greeting

Full names with titles of both household contacts

(e.g. Dr Moe Hamster & Ms. Lola Beagador)

Informal Greeting

Full names of both household contacts

(e.g., Moe Hamster & Lola Beagador)


Titles and last names of both household contacts

(e.g., Dr. Hamster and Ms. Beagador)


First names of both household contacts

(e.g., Moe & Lola)

NOTE: Deceased contacts are removed from the greetings, but may still be included in the household.

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