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Entering Yahrzeits

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018 04:28PM CDT

The Yahrzeit records records information related to an individual's passing. The (Gregorian) date of death will automatically calculate the corresponding Hebrew date of death. The Observance record links to the Yahrzeit to the person who wishes to commemorate the Yahrzeit each year. A Yahrzeit can therefore be linked to multiple Observances if there are several people who will mark the anniversary.


To enter a Yahrzeit in the system:
1. Navigate to the Yahrzeits Tab and click New.
2. Enter a First Name and Last Name to search for the deceased within the system.

  • If a matching Contact is found, click on the Contact name to create a Yahrzeit for them, or use the New Contact button to create a new one.


  • If no matching Contact is found, create a new Contact using the New Contact button. Please note that when you create a Yahrzeit for a person who is not in your system, the  individual will be added to a bucket Account called Non-Member Yahrzeits

3. Enter the Gregorian Date of Death, along with the Time of Death for an accurate Hebrew Date conversion.

Once the Yahrzeit record is saved and created, you can add Observances to link the Yahrzeit to people who wish to observe it.

To create an Observance record:
1. Enter the name of the Contact who will observe the Yahrzeit.
2. Select the Relationship to the Deceased (i.e. what is the deceased to the observer)
3. Check/uncheck the Observes on the Gregorian Date to update the Next Observance Date as applicable.

By default, the system calculates the Next Observance Date based on the Next Gregorian Hebrew Date. Should you check the Observes on the Gregorian Date, it will use next Gregorian date instead. If your synagogue primarily uses the Gregorian date, you can automate this via Workflow Rule Field Update.

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Please see this article for more information on updates that occur when you create a Yahrzeit.

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