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Why doesn't my report return the data I expect?

Last Updated: Aug 07, 2017 10:09AM CDT
Check your filters, groupings, fields, report type, and role or user hierarchy to make sure you are asking the right questions of your data.
  1. Filters - Make sure to include all the data you want. To change a report filter, hover over it and click Edit or Remove. Your filters display when you run your report; click Edit on that page to make additional changes.
  2. Groupings - When you group by a field, you remove it from the details of the report. If you export the report, you see the field, though it does not appear in the detail area.
  3. Fields - After checking your groupings, check your fields. If your report contains multiple related records—for example, an account, its opportunities, and their products—look at the detail pages for the account record, opportunity record, and product line item to ensure that the fields contain data. If the data isn't available in the format you want, work with your Salesforce administrator to add formula fields to get the data. When formula fields are added to an object, they appear in record detail pages and in reports.
  4. Report Type - The report type selected may not be appropriate or the records anticipated may not share the relationship between objects required for the report type. When choosing a report, be sure you understand which fields are available in the report type.
    If your report type includes both parent and child objects, but no child fields are used in a report, the report shows parent records whether they have a child record or not.
  5. Hierarchy - Hierarchy options let you drill down to different data sets based on the role or user hierarchy. The selected hierarchy level, or its default role, may affect the data shown.
  6. Text Values - If you are filtering on a text value, ensure that the spelling is exactly as it appears on the record (copy and paste to ensure accuracy). An extra "space" will lead to different report results. If the text value includes a comma, place the entire string in quotation marks. Otherwise, Salesforce will view the text as 2 separate values. For example, say you are filtering an Accounts report based on the Account Name which is Seinfeld, Jerry Household. Entering the value as it is, will result in Salesforce matching on "Seinfeld" and "Jerry Household" separately. Instead, you should enter the filter as "Seinfeld, Jerry Household" so that Salesforce knows to use the entire term in it's search.

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