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Data Migration is an Iterative Process

Last Updated: Apr 02, 2015 04:10PM CDT

Data Migration is an Iterative Process from Cloud for Good on Vimeo.

Data migration doesn’t just happen in a snap - it is the most time intensive portion of the project from both the customer and consultant perspective. The process starts when you pull your data from your existing system. 

First Pull

You should provide the files to your consultant so they can understand what they are working with.  This is not the final data pull.  This is so we can understand your current systems data architecture and your use of it.  A second data extraction will be required when it is time to execute the final data migration.

Data Cleanliness

If your data is unclean - you will need to review the “Scrubbing your data” video in order to review how to clean your data.  The data migration process can not move forward until the data has been scrubbed.  Your system is dependent on reliable data we can not stress enough how important clean data is to the success of your implementation of Congregation Connect.  
If there is data that you will not need to migrate - even one field or column of data - let your consultant know. This will save a lot of time.  It is important to remember that you do not want to track data for the sake of tracking it.  All of the data elements should have a purpose.  The purpose could range from this field will allow me to automate a notification or create an action or this field will provide insight into your organizations health.


Data Mapping

The consultant will go through every field in your legacy data and will map it back to Congregation Connect. This is where the iterative process comes in. There will be a lot of back and forth to clarify field values in order to best translate to what we have in Congregation Connect and what will need to be cleaned by your team.  Please remember that you are moving to a new system and as part of that transition you want changes 
For example - you may have your financials set up where you have different transaction types like Charges, Donations, Bills. Well in Congregation Connect, we split everything out into Scheduled, Posted Payments, and Adjustments. We will need to spend time digging into what transaction type maps to what.
Keep in mind that unless otherwise stated in your proposal we only do 1 data migration. 



After the mapping exercise is complete, you will do a final data pull, clean your data, then provide it to us. We will do the migration to the system one portion at a time, first we will do accounts and contacts and so on and so on. So once we migrate one portion, we will give you some time to verify that the data in the system is correct. Once you give us the go ahead we will import the next batch of data until all data is verified.  
Please note that some client elect to migrate all data over a weekend and run in parellel for a period of time or import acct/contacts first and if membership information is changed they change in both systems until final go-live.

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