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Last Updated: Apr 02, 2015 04:15PM CDT

The Congregation Connect Implementation is broken up into 5 phases. During each phase, both your team and your consultant will have various action items to complete. One of the actions items that happens each week is that you will be required to watch specific training videos designed for each phase. At the end of each video you will receive a confirmation code that you or your team lead needs to provide to your consultant. Keep in mind that the implementation requires attention from both sides and in order for your organization to get the most out of the implementation, the training should be watched by all applicable parties.

Phase 0

Phase 0 is the Kickoff and Planning stage of implementation. During this phase you will sign up for applications that you need to get non-profit approval for, gain some understanding of who we are, what you will need to do during this implementation, and start some Congregation Connect training. 

Phase 1

Phase 1 is the Discovery Phase. The consultant will meet with you to discuss your needs and the solutions they have come up with and plan to configure in the system. The consultant will meet with the team to discuss questions on system features and functionality. Phase 1 is also the time to choose from a number of templates that Congregation Connect provides. If the discovery determines that your needs vary greatly from these a change order can be processed for a custom form. Please note that any customization requests received after Phase 1 is complete will need to be evaluated based on time remaining in the project and may result in a change order. Make sure to be as detailed as possible and recruit the other users in your organization to provide input. 

Phase 2

Phase 2 is the Configuration phase. Your consultant will complete the customizations needed to meet your needs in the tool as discussed during Discovery. It will be your job to test these changes and verify that they meet your needs. You will also need to provide the consultant an initial download of all of your data. This is to start the mapping process where the consultant will look at all fields within your data and map the fields to Congregation Connect. 

Phase 3

Phase 3 is the data mapping phase and form creation phase. Your consultant will complete the data mapping, and provide you with how/what you need to do in order to clean their data. Keep in mind that data cleansing is your responsibility.  If your system does not have clean data it will hinder your success. You will work very closely with the consultant in this phase - even if Cloud for Good has done a migration from the same system you were previously on, there is a good chance that you have custom fields or different uses of fields that varies from prior  clients which means to ensure success of your data migration we need to analyze what should be done with the data. This process may take time and effort so please be mindful of this. Another major component of this phase is the form creation process. All requirements set at the beginning of the process will be used in creating the form. After the form has been created, any changes will need to be a change order or be completed by a member of your team. Forms are a very complex part of the project and both the consultant and your organization will need to spend significant amount of time testing the forms to ensure they work.

Phase 4

Phase 4  is the Data Migration and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Phase 
After your consultant migrates all of the required data - it is the your responsibility to validate and test that the data was imported correctly. We will provide tips in order for you to complete the validation. In this phase you will also be able to run your statements and validate those as well. Lastly, if you purchased the member portal you will be able to test that in this phase as well.


Phase 5

Phase 5 is the final phase for UAT and Go-live
You will finalize all remaining items, complete and or revist any training needed to ensure you have a comfort level with the system and start utilizing the process as you are now ready to go!  At the end of this phase there will be a implementation close out call where we ask for your candid feedback in the process and discuss the transition to the support team. 

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