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Prayer Requests

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2018 09:32AM CDT
The Prayer Request functionality within Congregation Connect allows you to track prayer requests from your clergy or members of your congregation.

Accessing Prayer Requests

Navigate to the Prayer Requests tab usually listed under the Memberships App. You may need to click on the + at the end of your list of tabs to access it.


Viewing all Prayer Requests

Once you select Prayer Request from the tab you are directed to the screen below.  This showsyour recently viewed Prayer Requests, you can click on the request name (PR-xxxxxxx) to go to the details for a specific request. You can create a new request from this page, or select specific list views to see filtered lists.  The list views are customizable.


Viewing a Specific Member's Prayer Request

If you want to view the pray requests for a specific member you can see that on their contact within Congregation Connect.  
1.  If you hover over the Prayer Requests related list you will see the information popup.  
2.  You can create a new Prayer Request for this member from this screen.  
3.  To view additional information for the Prayer REquest not visable on this screen click on the request name

Prayer Request - A Closer Look

The Prayer Request functionality leverages standard features.  You can link a request to a contact and track activities against each of the Prayer Requests 


Prayer Request Field Details

The Prayer Request has fields included, the below grid shares details on the field names, type and purpose.  You can work with your administrator to add additional fields or update the values in these field if your organization needs modifications to the standard fields provided.


Form Assembly Template Form

There is a form assembly template available if you want to leverage the capability of online prayer requests being submitted directly to Congregation Connect.  The form sets up matching based on the primary / secondary email.  If a match is found the Prayer Request will be linked to the contact record for the member.  If no match is found the field Name & Email on form will be populated.  You can clone the template and customize as needed.  

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