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Adding new funds to your online donation form

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2015 12:43PM CDT


The CC Donations Form with Installments is our primary donations form template. This article walks you through the process of adding new funds to the form.

The first step to editing your form is adding the new fund on the form itself. You must first access the form building for the form itself. In the list of your forms, find the donation form, click edit, and then click Edit in Form Builder.

Once you are in the form, click on the field itself, and then click on the button next to it that says "Edit choices"

A pop-up will appear with your designations. Put your new designation in the text box and click the "Add" button.

Now you have added the new fund, make sure to save your form.

Next you will need to create a related Outreach for the fund.

1. Login to Congregation Connect
2. Create a new Outreach with the same name as your fund (you may want to add Online Donations to the end so for example "New Fund Online Donations)
3. On the outreach in the Primary Designation field, lookup the designation where the money will go and hit Save.

4. Grab the Salesforce ID from the URL. This is the 15 digit value after In the picture below, the Salesforce ID is 701F0000000cF6J

5. Next you will need to connect this fund from the form to Congregation Connect using the Salesforce Connectors in Form Assembly.

Go back to the list of your forms, click on the edit button, hover over Configure, and click on the option for Connectors.

6. On the next page that loads click on the button "Configure" under the Salesforce column.

Once in the connectors, you will have to edit all steps that say "Opportunity" and "SynagogueCloud__OppPayment__c". 

5. For the connectors that say "Opportunity" but do not have a dependent step for the OppPayment you will need to add the Salesforce ID for the Primary Outreach Source. Click the edit link next to the field Primary Outreach Source and paste in the Salesforce ID where your new fund is.

6. Press Confirm and repeat the step for the 2-3 sections of the connectors. Remember, you are only doing this for the steps that have an Outreach but no Opp_payment object below it. 

7. Now you are ready to edit the SynagogueCloud__OppPayment__c step.  Click the edit link next to the Designation

8. Instead of putting in the Salesforce ID you are going to grab the Salesforce ID from the URL of the designation record and paste it where it says New Fund. Press Confirm.

Repeat for all Opp_Payment steps.

Make sure to save your connectors when done! This is at the bottom of the page.

Finally, any time you create a form, make sure you test it many times, including using a real credit card if you will be accepting payment. 

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