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Modifications Required in Winter 16' Release

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2016 09:48AM CST

This release includes enhanced functionality to automatically create a transaction to cover processing fees whenever a donation is made with a credit card. To properly implement this feature in combination with your FormAssembly integration requires a change to the Salesforce connector mapping. This change is only necessary in forms that include ​the option for multiple/recurring payments AND include a processing fee charge. (Without this recommended change to the form connectors, when a multi-­installment payment is submitted to CongregationConnect, the scheduled payment amounts for the donation will be set to $0, and the CC Fee transaction will be created for the full amount of the donation plus processing fee.)

The solution is to modify the CC Fee mapping from FormAssembly directly into Salesforce. To do this, navigate to the Salesforce connector for the applicable forms. Find the "Create new Opportunity object" step that is ​not​ followed by additional steps listed as "CreateNewSynagogueCloud__OppPayment__c object". (Please note that there may be more than one "Create new Opportunity object" so ensure you review the entire connector.)


You can also identify this by the step number. For example a singular payment might have the "Create new Opportunity object" step numbered at 2.2 and then followed by step 2.3. However, when multiple payments are to be created, step 2.3 would be followed by step 2.3.1 which is "Create newSynagogueCloud__OppPayment__c object

Add the following field mapping:

  • If the field displaying the % Fee is calculated off the entire donation (Image 1), then you can directly map it as follows (image 2)

Image 1

Image 2

  • If the field displaying the % Fee is calculated off the installment amount (Image 3), then you need to calculate the mapping as a formula that calculate the “% Fee” field multiplied by the “Number of Payments” field (Image 4)
Image 3

Image 4

In this example, %%tfa_107%% is the alias for the processing fee, and %%tfa_52%% is the number of payments/installments. The aliases might be different in your form so please replace with the correct alias.

(A link to the list of Aliases used in your form can be found at the bottom of the connector page.)


For help with this, please reach us at


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