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Invoice Membership Fields Incorrectly Updates Account #719 - FIXED

Last Updated: Nov 20, 2017 01:53PM CST

We have identified a 
bug with the Invoice Membership fields, and the Account Membership fields.

When a membership Invoice is fully received (in the Closed/Won stage), the Account Membership End Date, Membership Type, and Membership Iteration are updated by the Invoice Membership End Date & Membership Type, even if the Invoice is for the previous fiscal year.

For example, say the Smith Family 
is a "New Member" Membership Type and you bill them $1,000 in monthly installments for the 16/17 fiscal year. Their Invoice and Account Membership End Dates are set for June 30, 2017 with a Membership Type of "New Member". In July 2017, they still have 2 payments due for their previous year's membership and we bill them again for the current 17/18 fiscal year and move them to the "Member Family" Membership Type.  Their new Invoice and Account Membership End Dates are now updated to June 30, 2018 and their Membership Type is now "Member Family". When the last 2 payments for the previous year's membership are received, and the Invoice is "Received" (Closed/Won), the Account Membership End Date will update to June 30, 2017 although it should reflect their new billing cycle. The Membership Type will revert to "New Member".

Please note that this bug can also happen when adjusting/voiding the balance on an Invoice and the Invoice Stage updates to "Received"


This bug was fixed in the November 2017 Release.

There are several ways you can identify which Accounts have been affected by this bug. 
- Create an Invoice formula field which checks whether the Invoice Membership End Date and the Account Membership End Date are the same.
- Create a report of all Invoices for the current fiscal year, and filter on Invoice that
match the above field.
- Create a report of the previous year's Invoices and ensure that as they are paid, the Account Membership End Date is updated to the current fiscal year.
- Create an Accounts reports with a cross-filter for Accounts with Invoices where the Membership End Date is this year and the Account Membership End Date is last year.


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